EGR (Exhaust Recirculation Valve) blanking plate
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 An EGR Valve is designed to reduce emissions by recycling and burning exhaust gases through the engine, this can cause your engine to become clogged up with grease, oil and soot.

An EGR blanking plate is designed to prevent waste gases from re-entering the engine, It is very simple to install and fits between the EGR valve and exhaust.


if your van/car is coughing out black smoke when starting up or changing gear, then these EGR blanking plates are the perfect solution.


some of the benefits are:

A reduction in black smoke, 

Increased power,

smoother acceleration,

better miles per gallon.

Although we cannot guarantee these benefits everytime.


The blanking plate is made from 2.5mm steel and is precision cut.


Price - £3.50 with free 1st class p&p

             £5.00 for 2 with free 1st class p&p


(we also have these on our ebay shop under name auto-beds were you can view all our previous customers feedback call mark on 07885 986324 for more info.)


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